The courses in Cambridge mindfulness centre will be conducted mainly by Bhante Rewatha Thero, the founder of Scottish Mindfulness Centre. Following is a sample of testimonials by participants of the courses in  Scottish Mindfulness Centre regarding Bhante Rewatha Thero's teaching. 

The evaluations of  MBSR Graduates - January-April 20015

  1. This was a non-religious MBSR course taught by a Buddhist Monk, were people all right about being taught by a Monk?

        Yes  10/10


 Please elaborate:

·            More than alright, the gentle approach and depth of understanding enhanced the course.

·            I think Bhante has a lovely voice and calm manner and is an excellent teacher.

·            Absolute privilege, added a spiritual dimension but in a very inclusive and non-judgmental way.

·            Found it helpful to be taught mindfulness by someone with Bhante's level of knowledge and who practices it everyday.

·            Felt safe and comfortable with Bhante. Very warm and kind person.

·            Enhanced experience as learnt more about Buddhism as well as mindfulness (secular)

·            It was a wonderful experience

·            Bhante was a very good teacher.  There was no religious focus to the course.

·            I found it meant more because Bhante is a monk

·            No one mentioned it and it never crossed my mind

·            I think that the fact that Bhante is a monk adds to the experience

·            Very comfortable and relaxed. Bhante is fantastic! 

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One Day Retreat Feedback - January to April 2015

31st January 2015

  • “Soothing.
    • I felt a calmness; centred and open.
    • I feel glad to have come here and met new people.
    • I feel inspired and content and hopeful.”
  • “Wonderful day which I was hoping that it would be.  Felt an immense sense of love for myself which I had lost.  Encouraged to continue with meditation.”
  • “I always look forward to the day retreats as it offers the chance to re-focus my practice.”
  • “Calm, thoughtful, stronger, centred, grounded, comfortable, peaceful, aware, settled, it will pass. I am aware of… I am present.”
  • “I feel more compassion towards others. Especially those I have been practicing patience with.  I wish them happiness. I experience disturbing intrusive thoughts when I meditate for longer than 10 minutes.  It helps to open my eyes.  I like to count my breath, walk and move.  Breathe, move, peace.”
  • “Accept how I am feeling at the moment.  Still, soft, centred.”
  • “Feelings: heavy and tired but more relaxed.  Strong desire to talk!  Slowed down and more aware. Being aware.”

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Holy Isle Retreat - April 2014

Holy  Isle  Retreat  April 18th to April 21st 2014

  • “Brilliant course. Brilliant teacher.  Brilliant location. Would loved to have stayed longer and learnt more.  Will definitely be back and visiting you in Maryhill. I feel inspired and focused.  Thank you.
  • “Although I have been practicing yoga, including, pranayamas every day for some time, from now on I know they will be enriched by doing this with mindfulness, to be like new practices…as long as I continue to use this wonderful collection/selection of ‘tools’ we have been provided with by you on this course.  I have also felt what I have experienced in the few days spread through all areas of my being.  For example, today I woke with an encouraging realisation…a sort of ‘eureka moment’.  It was: my fears seldom live up to my expectation of them. Thank you; this is another valuable ‘tool’ I will take away from this course – along with so much.  With gratitude, Rosemary.


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