Vipassana (insight) Meditation

Vipassana (insight) meditation

Vipassana is a Buddhist meditation practice that has been used for over 2500 years to gain insight to the reality of the world by understanding the impermanence of everything, to enhance the wisdom and to eliminate one's own suffering. Vipassana practice teaches how to observe thoughts and emotions as they rise, continue and fade away, and trains the mind to react in a skilful way by gradually eliminating attachment and anger. The insight gained by the continued practice makes one enlightened about their own self and the outside world resulting in the ultimate freedom from suffering.

Vipassana Level One course teaches 16 techniques of mindfulness during the 4 week course.  The course highlights how the breathing practice brings a deeper awareness and mindfulness of the body, thoughts, feelings and mental phenomena to deal with everyday phenomena.  

Level Two course is only for those who have completed Vipassana Level One and the Level Three course is only for those who have completed Vipassana Level Two.Practitioners are invited to practice standing or floor Yoga before Vipassana sessions. Time will also be set aside for discussions after each session.



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