Who is Mindfulness for?

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Who would find a mindfulness course useful?

Mindfulness helps everyone to enhance the emotional well-being. It helps us focus our attention to the present moment and avoid dwelling on past experiences or fretting about what the future has in store. The practice of mindfulness can be of particular benefit to

  • Students who would like to excel in their academic life and realise their highest potential through clarity in mind
  • Business community and professionals to develop clear visions and gain more innovative power with a more focused mind.
  • Employers who would like to improve the efficiency of the workforce by enhancing their emotional well-being and work-life balance.
  • People suffering from addictions, to help let the addictions go with a more calm and happy mind
  • People suffering from anger issues, to develop the inner peace and smile with the world
  • People suffering from stress, to gain emotional, psychological or physical well-being
  • People experiencing anxiety or depression which is impacting on their quality of life 
  • People living with long term health conditions who want to learn other ways to self-manage their condition
  • Services working with groups of individuals where traditional interventions are having little effect
  • Parents trying to find a way to balance the demands of work and life and be the parent their children need them to be 
  • Anyone else – who would like to improve their quality of life

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